Our Story

Dr. Maryam Mohammadi established the business in 1997, with her flagship location in Washington, DC. In 2003, Dr. Mohammadi opened her second location in McLean, VA and named it Beverly Pediatric Dentistry. In 2018, after over 20 years of providing exceptional patient experiences to children and teenagers in the DC metropolitan area, Dr. Mohammadi decided to expand the services offered by Beverly to adults as well. Dr. Paola Annoni joined the business to bring on her experience in adult and cosmetic dentistry, as well as her expertise in implant dentistry; hence, b. dental studios was established.

Dr. Maryam Mohammadi and Beverly Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Maryam Mohammadi finished her postdoctoral training in Pediatric Dentistry at Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine. Since then she practiced in Washington, DC and opened her second location in McLean, Virginia in 2003. She had a vision of creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for her patients which is reflected in the design of her offices.

Her philosophy of inviting parents into the operatory room has been a source of comfort for both children and their parents. Since 1995, Dr. M (as her patients prefer to address her) has emphasized prevention and conservative approaches for dental care.

Dr. Mohammadi’s practice, Beverly Pediatric Dentistry, was featured in Women Dental Journal as the model pediatric dentist office nationwide. Beverly Pediatric Dentistry was the Office Design Award Winner from Fairfax County among other small businesses. Comforting and unique state of the art facility brought Beverly Pediatric Dentistry to a feature story in the Washington Post style section. The design of the practice also has been featured in several design magazines and has won 2 prizes for excellent design of blending technology and comfort of patients and their families.
Dr. M. lives with her husband and daughter in Northern Virginia. She enjoys reading, doing puzzles, and traveling.
Learn more about our sister pediatric practice, Beverly Pediatric Dentistry, at www.beverlypedo.com

Dr. Hamid Shafie

Dr. Hamid Shafie, the director of postdoctoral implant training at Washington Hospital Center's department of oral and maxillifacial surgery for past 22 years has joined our practice as a clinical consultant. He is a best selling author having written two textbooks on the subject of implant dentistry. Thousands of dentists and surgeons in the US and around the world have benefited from his expertise and knowledge in implant dentistry. Why shouldn’t you? He will be delighted to review your records with Dr. Annoni for a second opinion regarding your implant treatment.