Our Technologies

Our Technologies

Advanced Technology Solutions

Our variety of cutting edge technologies available in our state-of-the-art facilities enables us to deliver faster, easier and more effective treatment

Intraoral Scanner

With the use of our digital intraoral scanner, we are able to eliminate the discomfort of using traditional impression materials. This technology also allows us to virtually eliminate the inevitable human error involved in the process of impression-taking and fabrication of lab-made prostheses.

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Ultrasonic Scaler

We use ultrasonic technology to clean teeth instead of manual hand-scaling. This technology provides a much faster, more efficient, and more comfortable experience for our patients.

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Digital X-rays

We use digital x-ray technology which exposes patients to noticeably less radiation compared to a traditional film based x-ray technology. We offer, digital intraoral, 360 panoramic image and 3 Dimensional x-rays.

Piezo Surgery

By using this advanced ultra-sonic instrument, we can make the most precise incisions into the bone while minimizing any potential for damaging surrounding areas including gums, cheek, and tongue. These smaller, minimally-invasive incisions lead to faster healing, less swelling, less bleeding, and a better patient experience. We use this technology for extraction of teeth to minimize the trauma to the patient and the bone around the roots. Also this technology is being utilized for some of the bone grafting procedures and implant site preparation

Computer Assisted Design

Computer Assisted Design is done by combining your 3D imagery from our in-office CT Scanner and intraoral scan of your teeth and gums to create a virtual version of your mouth with a high level of accuracy. This virtual environment allows us to design the most accurate implant supported prosthesis for you with utmost accuracy and precision. We see your final smile even before we start the treatment